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Yorkhill parking zone – ‘Council listened’

By on January 24, 2015

Planned restricted parking zone measures have been broadly welcomed by Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council – but they warn there could still be some areas of concern for both residents and businesses, writes Ginny Clark.

The Yorkhil RPZ measures are scheduled for introduction on June 1 in a move that should cut much of the ‘commuter’ parking that places added pressure on what can often be the busiest corner of the city. The Hydro, ranked second-busiest venue in the world, is right on the doorstep …

Last week a representative from the city council’s land and environmental services’ Safer Parking team attended YoKeCoCo’s meeting to set out the detail and answer questions on a number of safety aspects and access issues.

YoKeCoCo secretary Susan McComb says the community council believe the consultation process that began last year has yielded a positive outcome. But they also insist the Yorkhill parking measures are part of  a work in progress – and that a joined-up city-wide approach to improving public transport is still necessary.

She said: “We do feel Glasgow city council has listened to us on this. Of course, we don’t know how it’s going to work out and there will be a review after a year. But most people recognise something major had to be done – ultimately there isn’t room for everyone to park in the Yorkhill, Kelvinhaugh and Finnieston area.

“Some people say parking restrictions are just a cash cow for the council – but having people driving round and round our streets and then using it as a commuter car park can’t go on. We’re not territorial but there needs to be a balane and the pressure on traffic has to be resolved.

“It’s understandable a number of small businesses remain unhappy about the charges, as £700 is a lot for an annual business permit. But the measures may benefit their customers as metered parking should mean more available parking bays. For residents, the council have taken on board concerns about a number of areas.

“At Overnewton Square people were worried about angled parking and the safety of children leaving the park, so there will be parallel parking only. Esmond Street and Dalnair Street will have parking bays on each side and on Kelvinhaugh Street hazards such as cars parking on the pavement will be prevented by the fact they can’t park outside the bays.

“However, all this could cause pressure on Park and Sandyford, and there may be further issues. But there are other positives, such as allowing two-way cycling on one way streets and we are pleased cyclists are being encouraged. Ultimately we’d like to see improvements to public transport, together with more support for those cycling and walking. For now though we’re just looking forward to June and seeing how it will all work.”

Yorkhill Restricted Parking Zone

Parking spaces will be shared use, permit holders can park in any available bay
Charges will apply Monday to Friday 8am-6pm
Resident parking permits £50 a year or £15 quarterly
Business parking permits £700 a year
Visitor vouchers £2 per set six-hour time period
Pay and display 20p for first 30mins then 20p for every 10mins, maximum stay 3 hours
Two-way cycling in one-way roads
Designated loading bays for use by all classes of vehicles
Increased disabled parking provision for vehicles displaying a blue badge
Introduction of parking spaces for use by car club vehicles only
Motorcycle parking spaces for use by solo motorcycles only
Other points
Parking meters will be limited with a move towards mobile technology.
Parking warden presence will be increased.

* See the council plan here

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