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Unlock the history of your home – new 4-week class

By on June 24, 2015

Interested in the history of your own – or someone else’s – house? A new four-week class at the University of Strathclyde, led by historian and West End Report contributor Ronnie Scott could unearth some surprising information about the building, its previous inhabitants and its role in the development of the West End.

Who built your house? Who lived in it before you, and what changes did they make? Was the site farmland, a country estate or even industrial? How has the neighbourhood changed over the years? Finding out the answers to these and other questions can be hugely interesting and rewarding.

The evening class will show how to use the wide variety of sources available for house history in Scotland, such as land and property records, valuation and electoral registers, maps and newspapers.

The process can be both interesting and rewarding – and don’t forget a well-presented house history could be a valuable asset if you are marketing your property.

The class meets on four Tuesday evenings, from 6-8pm, starting on Tuesday July 7. The first three meetings will be in the Graham Hills Building, University of Strathclyde, 40 George Street, Glasgow G1 1QE. The fourth meeting will be in a relevant Glasgow archive.

The course, which costs £42, can be booked by calling 0141 548 2116 or 4287. For a full programme, please visit the Centre for Lifelong Learning webpage at

Pic – The former North West Fire Station, built in 1936 in Kelbourne Street, North Kelvinside, and converted to flats in the 1990s. What previous identity could your property be hiding?


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