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Melissa Currie … achieving ambitions in style

By on September 9, 2014

Organising a fashion show for the Cresswell Lane Street Party on September 20 may be time-consuming but for Melissa Currie, the owner of hair and beauty salon Macs Glasgow, it’s all part of the experience of running a business in the West End.

She says: “It’s going to be a great day. We’ve done fashion shows in the lane before. For the street party, there will be two afternoon shows. We’ll turn up the music in the salon and the lane will be the catwalk, all the way along from De Courcy’s Arcade. We’ll also be doing glitter tattoos which are great for the kids – and we really look forward to everyone coming along and enjoying the fun.” 

The street party will take hard work to organise but it’s also a chance for Cresswell Lane businesses to kick back a little. And it offers Melissa the opportunity to reflect on what has been a challenging – but ultimately rewarding – three years in establishing her own salon.

It’s sometimes been a tricky journey for the young woman who spent the latter part of her teens in and out of hospital after complications arising from a virus, which had an impact on her employment too. But she still had ambitions. And with the help of The Prince’s Trust and support of her parents, Melissa was finally able to realise those ambitions with the launch of Macs Glasgow in 2011.

She says: “Looking back, some of those times were pretty scary.  My health problems unfortunately led to a poor sickness record and that ended my contract with one employer and with my next job we were all made redundant.  From then on I decided I would go out on my own.  It was during one hospital stay that I was on the internet looking for organisations who helped young people and The Prince’s Trust’s name popped up.

“I turned to them for advice in starting up my own business and it was as if a light had been switched on: they listened, they encouraged me to turn my dreams into reality. The Prince’s Trust basically saw my ‘spark’ and while building up my business they asked me to become a Young Ambassador for them, giving inspirational talks to other young people who wanted to start up in business, sharing my story with them.”

 Although Melissa still has health problems, she is relishing the challenge of building-up Macs Glasgow and using her spare time to organise events for charities. It was this work, and her positive example, that led to Melissa’s selection as a Queens’ Baton Bearer for the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014.

 She adds: “Three years on, I am still in and out of hospital but I continue to develop my business.  It is slowly growing and I have a lovely bunch of loyal clientele and friends who all know of my journey.”

 *Cresswell Lane Street Party starts at 12 noon on Saturday, September 20. See more about Macs Glasgow here – Picture of Melissa at Macs by Brian Hayes


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