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Local author toasts more Irn-Bru success

By on November 5, 2014

Deedee Cuddihy has followed-up last year’s “phenomenal” success I Love Irn-Bru with a second book about Scotland’s iconic other national drink, writes Ginny Clark.

The local author has now published I Love Irn-Bru 2, the eighth in her Funny Scottish Books series, where again Deedee quotes and tells the stories of people’s relationship with the famous brand.

She said: “With only a slight degree of exaggeration, I can describe ‘I Love Irn-Bru’ as a ‘phenomenal’ success. A.G. Barr even bought some copies which was obviously very gratifying.

“But greed wasn’t my only motivation for deciding to bring out ‘I Love Irn-Bru 2’ – I was genuinely delighted by the response to the first book and by how passionate people who contributed to it were about Irn-Bru. I had so much fun doing the first book I decided to do it all over again.”

I Love Irn-Bru 2 features more than 100 first-hand, often hilarious testimonials from Irn-Bru addicts and photographs of a wide variety of Irn-Bru drinkers. Here are just two …

“My name’s Brian and I like Irn-Bru so much, they should call it “Brian-Bru.” (charity worker)

“I hadn’t seen one of my neighbours since I’d had my baby and when we met in the street, coming back from the shops, she dug into one of her carrier bags and handed me a present for the wean – six cans of Irn Bru. But she’s not getting it until she’s older.” (Vivienne, musician)

Deedee added: “One of the distinguishing features of both books, apart from the humour and the shoogly pictures, is that they include quotes and photos of people from many parts of the world and a wide variety of backgrounds, almost all of them united in their love of Irn-Bru.

“I say ‘almost’ because there were a few people who claimed not to like Irn-Bru at all. In fact, one person I spoke to said he had lived in Scotland for 35 years and had never tasted it which was obviously quite shocking.”

I Love Irn-Bru has been so successful Deedee, she now feels obliged to drink it – despite preferring coke! Her other titles include the best-selling How to Murder a Haggis and a ninth book I Love Tunnock’s Tea Cakes (and lots of other biscuits) is due out soon.

At £4.99, I Love Irn-Bru 2 is already available in, among other places, the Scottish Parliament shop. See for more info

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