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Glasgow Open House Art Festival – West End highlights

By on April 24, 2015

The second Glasgow Open House Art Festival (GOH’15) bursts into life across the city over the Mayday weekend  with more than 50 venues staging a “bigger, louder and more colourful celebration” of contemporary art and culture.

This year’s programme features the work of more than 200 artists who have gone all out to re-imagine how art can be encountered and appreciated.

Glasgow Open House is an artist-led, not-for-profit organisation. It was founded in order to meet the practical needs of the city’s grassroots art community and takes its lead from Glasgow’s already prevalent ‘Do-It-Yourself’ culture in relation to visual art and music.

The festival provides a platform for artists both emerging and established, opening up their practices — and in many instances, their homes — to new audiences.

By removing art from conventional spaces and embedding it within the very fabric of the city — its tenements, disused buildings, wastelands, and other unsung spaces — Glasgow Open House Art Festival transforms the landscape of Glasgow, offering a new perspective of the city to its inhabitants.

All exhibitions are open 12pm–6pm on Sat May 2, Sun 3 and Mon 4 unless otherwise stated in the exhibition listings. All exhibitions are FREE. Look out for their  specially commissioned venue flags made in partnership with COLOUR HOTEL and Project Ability that can be spotted across the city throughout the duration of the festival.

* see the full programme here – but here are some great local highlights …

Botanic Gardens – Bleachfield (Sat 2, Sun 3 & Mon 4, 10am-6pm) Bleachfield comprises a multitude of work made by six artists in response to the gardens. The exhibition culminates in a collaborative installation on the site within the Arboretum, which was once used as bleach and print fields, drawing on the industrial processes used in the area up until the 19th Century. Fionn Duffy, Josie Rae Turnbull, Mikey Cook, Abigale Neate Wilson, Sharif Elsabagh & Alex Kuusik North.

Kelvin Meadow – 9 artists, 1 meadow A site-specific project by students from Glasgow Kelvin College. The project has been developed through close discussion and collaboration with local community groups including The Children’s Wood and the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign. The nine participants have made work in direct response to the site resulting in nine site-specific works. Brent Morrison, Chloe Cartwright, Julie Linton, Katie Riddell, Katie Haworth, Nina Cagle, Suzanne Armstrong & Vanessa-Louise Miller.

Flat 3/3, 40 Clouston Street – Imprints, hush hush (Sat 2, 9pm – Midnight FREE) A maze of sculpture, performance art and sound installation beckons you to explore traces of the artists’ existence. New perspectives on living spaces and relationships between social/private and outer/inner life are opened up. Together we re-imagine intimate worlds. A vibrant diversity of microcosms subverts notions of success and failure. Peter Lorenz & Adam Carmichael Top floor windows.

(corner flat), 164 Fergus Drive – How to Measure Darkness This exhibition is viewable from street level only. Look towards the 3rd floor windows above Boots Pharmacy (Sat 2, Sun 3 & Mon 4, 9pm – 1am). How to Measure Darkness is an exploration of light in both rural and remote environments and in more abstract architectural settings. The artists share their individual intrigue and emotional responses to light, often as irrational as the thoughts they are trying to name. Brodie Sim & Emily Rimmer.

11 Doune Gardens – Prehistoric Loom An exhibition of drawings in the stairwell of an artist’s townhouse. Ideas associated with the transitory spaces of the stairwell or corridor help bring to light concepts linked with the act of drawing. For many of these artists, drawing is a hidden process that forms a pause between thought and production. Heejoon Lee, Ying Cui, Rika Wantanabe, Kirsty Palmer, Katrina Valle, Maria Toumazou, Alex Sarkisian, Marysia Gacek, Selma Hreggistoddir, Lauren Hall, Jack Cheetham, Fanny Wickström, Mailie Robb, Vigdis Storsveen, Emily Mcfarland, Johanathan Cook, Kelli Sims, Elísabet Brynhildardóttir, Sasha Panyuta & Aniara Omann.

11a Lansdowne Crescent – Robert Stewart: A Thoroughly Modern Man Robert Stewart exerted an influence in many fields: from fabrics for Liberty, tapestries, painting, and ceramics, to large-scale murals in public buildings. With the majority of the works coming from the Stewart family archive, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy a collection never previously seen together. Robert Stewart curated by Keith Moore.

Flat 1/1, 50 Park Road – Singing for our House Plants (Sat 2, Sun 3 4.30-5:00pm FREE) Three dazed performances of instrumental music in live response to sung text pieces, performed by Your Haircut. David Kennedy, Finlay Clark & Jessica Hickie- Kallenbach.

Montague Projects, 3/2 34 Montague St – Sunday Salon This exhibition provides an environment both welcoming and familiar, featuring work by GSA MFA students presented in a living room. For GOH15, resident artist Alex Stursberg has created a dialogue-friendly seating installation, where he has curated a variety of his classmates’ artworks hung salon-style. Alex Stursberg, Josed Granados, Callum Monteith, Jamie Green, Roi Carmeli, Celine Amendola, Alice Brooke, Sian Collins, Elke Finkenauer, Sophia Sefraoui, Carla Burns & more…

The Fair – a multi-site exhibition, including 54 Carnarvon Street. An exhibition across five homes. ‘The Fair’ is a long established Glaswegian holiday taking place in the last fortnight of July. Businesses and organisations closed; families travelled ‘doon the water’ to Lancashire seaside resorts of Blackpool and Morecambe, which acted as sites of enjoyment and glamour from everyday work. Artist Jenny Steele has created drawings reflecting on ‘seaside moderne’ buildings: Blackpool Casino and Midland Hotel, Morecambe. Souvenir drawings were posted to inhabitants, allowing them to decide how to position the drawing in their own home. A publication of the project will be produced post festival. Jenny Steele.

695 Garscube Rd – Local Press Working in partnership with Creative Cargo and Queens Cross Housing Association, the artists aim to engage with the local community and try new experimental ways of working, including the giveaway of free limited edition signed prints for visitors and free local workshops in the lead up to GOH15. Samantha Madonik, Beth Shapeero & Jenny Lewis.

Flat 1/2, 31 Windsor Terrace – The Plinth The tenement is synonymous with the gallery aesthetic in Glasgow. The Plinth takes this aesthetic further and functions as a gallery space within a living room environment. It is an ongoing project (this week marks our 34th exhibition), which gives over the resident Plinth to a different artist or designer weekly. Andrew Sim, Fiona Beveridge, Hannah Reynolds & Michael Sacco. Organised by The Plinth (Hamish Chapman, Charlotte Fountaine & Freya Fullarton).

2 Willowbank Crescent – Below, the other things we can talk about A small blacked-out basement holds an immersive installation of video and objects choreographed by light. Light projection functions as a means of negotiating the presence of artwork within the space, providing a framing device as well as an integral element of the installation. Eileen Daily, Ariane Jackson & Lauren McGhee Cold on the Outside This exhibition examines the importance of dialogue among artists surrounding contemporary painting today. It will focus upon the work of five painters that has evolved through such discussions after spending an intense period together in rural Norway. Suki Berwick, Anne KristinHagesæther, Ana Karkar, Paula MacArthur & Rachael Rebus.

16 Baliol St & Flat 2/2 245 North St – Mono No Aware: The Pathos of All Things Mono no aware is a Japanese phrase that in English is loosely translated as the pathos of things. It is the bittersweet feeling of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty, with the awareness of its fleeting existence. The exhibition will take place across two venues with a walk linking the two. MollyMae Whawell, Stella Stewart, Madeleine Hope- Fraser & Hannah McDonald.

Flat 3/1, 54 Scott Street – Awkmo (Sat 2, Sun 3 & Mon 4, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm daily FREE) Awkmo is a simpler, cooler way of describing an awkward moment. Situated in the confined space of a cube-shaped internal hallway, Awkmo seeks to recreate that feeling you get from being stuck in a lift with strangers or being able to hear too much of what is going on behind closed doors. Natalie Doyle & Elke Finkenauer.

3/2, 49 West Princes Street – Bat Neighbours (Sat 2, Sun 3 & Mon 4, 1pm – 5pm FREE) A live sound art piece in which a colony of humanbat performers hang out in an attic and have a jam session, their echolocation calls made audible to human ears. The noisy and chaotic band practice session draws a tongue-in-cheek analogy between the space in which such activities are allowed rather than resented. Timothea Armour, Esme Armour & Yasmine Akamune-Miles.

Flat, 1/1, 1001 Sauchiehall Street – 1001 1/1 An exhibition of multi-disciplinary works made in response to a Glasgow tenement: a response to a physical space and a psychological space — a consideration of the space beyond. Jennifer Clews, Krysia Kordeski, Gordon McKerrow & Louis Skehal.

Flat 1/2, 46 Bentinck Street – SimStim An interactive installation comprising sculptural fragments of a bedroom. The show will exist in a perpetual state of rearrangement, adjustment and amendment via online open-source curation to explore issues surrounding virtual realities and the effect it has on our engagement with physical realities. Sam Dransfield, Christopher MacInnes, Stephanie Mann & Aymeric Tarrade.

The Glue Factory, 22 Farnell Street – Determination/67p/22F (Sat 2, 6pm then Sun 3 & Mon 4, 12pm–6pm) An unsung space is transformed into an immersive environment, exploring an imaginative dialogue between physical forms, moving image and audio components. This experimental installation is inspired by soundscapes and imagery from the recent Rosetta comet landing. The artists will collaborate across mediums and share their reactions. Jo Tomlinson, James Farlam, Kenny Love, Rosanne K Davidson & James Stephen Wright.

The Bothy, The Whisky Bond (Car Park), 2 Dawson Road – Structural Proposition ? Sensible reasoning An exhibition exploring the transition between the proposition, representation and the actual. Focusing on the success and/or failure of the Diagram and Model in demonstrating propositions and implied notions of structural form, whilst pulling together logical assumptions to create new proposed definitions of structural stability.

Applecross Wharf Boater’s Huts, Lowlands Canal Office, Canal House, Applecross Street – Artist in Residence (Scottish Canals) Exhibition of work developed from the Scottish Canals archive and the area surrounding the Boater’s storage huts. Dansey-Wright will take this opportunity to connect two areas of her day-to-day life (working for Scottish Canals and her design practice). Areas of research and focus include the map archive, urban planning and alternative living spaces. Jemima Dansey-Wright Artist in Residence (Scottish Canals).

Flat 0/1, 54 Carnarvon Street – An abode for the absurd (Sat 2, Sun 3 & Mon 4, 12–6pm daily FREE) We invite you to come and have afternoon tea with Ms Jackie Cockless, an eccentric queen who rarely opens her door to the public. Join the artists for an affair of debauchery and dream-like disorder. Afternoon tea will be served between 12.30pm and 2.30pm but a performance will go on throughout the day. Kate Woodward, Severija Paukstyte, Rory Coughlan- Allen & Javier Montoro.

Willowbank Bowling Club, 36 Dowanside Road – Bowled Over (Sun 3r & Mon 4 12–6pm) A group exhibition curated by Janie Nicoll on the theme of Bowling Clubs and the game of Lawn Bowls. The selected artists have been asked to create responses to the theme and within the context of a functioning social sports venue. Janie Nicoll, Jean McEwan, Alex Hetherington, Jim Colquhoun, Mandy McIntosh, Stephen Hurrel, Chris Biddlecombe, Virginia Hutchison & Hrafnhildur Halldorsdottir (Rafla)

ART WALKS: ORDER (RE:)OBSERVED Times Various FREE, Ticketed – Order (RE:)observed is a participative public artwork that explores the choreography of the city and our relation to it as wanderers, workers, explorers, and casual walkers. In two separate but linked events, artists Nikki Kane and Adam J Scarborough will lead a route through the city of Glasgow: from west to east and then east to west; using ‘the route’ as a structure and material for an enhanced exploration of the streets around us. Join us as we open up the constructed cycles of the city and find moments of beauty and connection within the performance of our surroundings. Adam J Scarborough & Nikki Kane Walk. meeting points: Stewart Memorial Fountain, Kelvingrove Park, The Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green.

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