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Gigs @ the WEF: Carol Laula

By on May 24, 2013

One of Scotland’s leading singer-songwriters, Carol Laula’s engaging performing style has also helped to make her a favourite with audiences in Scotland and beyond.

Laula, who is involved with teaching young people at music workshops throughout Scotland, is known for her easygoing, even chatty, approach between songs.

“That’s the great thing about music,” she says. “It does help with communication and confidence. Working with young people is amazing, there is so much talent out there in Scotland just now. I’m inspired every day. But I’m also very passionate about the benefits music can bring, even for those young people who might not be interested in it as a career. If a teenager can stand up in class and say they have an idea for a song, that does so much for their confidence, whether for a job interview or just social interaction. I’m really fortunate to be involved in this work.”

Paisley-born – but now living here in Glasgow – Laula famously sparked her own career as a young musician with the 1990 song Standing Proud. Helping young people to find their voice is important to the woman who has her own remarkable and distinctive sound. While flattered, Laula dismisses the often-made comparisons with Joni Mitchell and Joan Armatrading.

“They’re just convenient  tags,” she says. “These are two people  I love to listen to. But nobody can say they sound like these singers. Joan Armatrading? Wow.”

It’s been a few years since Laula has been touring and she can’t wait to kick off her summer – with dates across Scotland – at the West End Festival.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” she says. “I love performing. At the very least I’ll come away from a gig thinking: ‘well, that was good’ but there are plenty of times I’ll think ‘that was amazing’. Basically I always enjoy it! I love the whole buzz and everything around it. It’s just really good fun.”

Laula is at Cottiers Theatre on Wednesday, June 19 @ 7.30pm (£15).

In a glittering and eclectic programme for this year’s West End Festival there are many stand-out gigs … One-time member of Boys of the Lough and Five Hand Reel, legendary Scottish folk-rocker Dick Gaughan is at Cottiers on Thursday, June 20 @ 7.30pm (£15). The majestic singer-songwriter Rab Noakes appears with renowned English ‘troubadour’ Allan Taylor , also at Cottiers, on Friday, June 21 @ 8pm (£15).

Leading Scottish folk group the Alastair Savage Trio are at the Hyndland Community Hall on Sunday June 16 @ 7.30pm  but the day before at St Bride’s Episcopal Church @ 7.30pm, you can also hear Savage on the Scots Fiddle Melody And History.

On Sunday June 23, The Twilight Sad and Meursault are among the band line-up for the WEF Sunday All-Dayer @ Oran Mor (£18). You can also find out who our rising stars are at the Stripped Down in The Basement sessions at the Roxy on three Thursdays from June 13 @ 7.30pm (£5).

Just remember to check the venues for details or see westendfestival – and don’t forget these free gigs …

June 2,9, 16, 23, 30 – Jazz @ The Judges, 3-6pm.

June 4, 11, 18, 25 – Craft Folks @ Munros, 8.30pm.

June 9 – Live At The Kelvingrove Bowl all day, next to An Clachan in the park.

June 9 – Unsigned @ The Faktory Stage, 3-10pm.

June 13, 27 – Cotton Candy Music Club   @ Dram, 8pm.

June 15 – David Bowie Night @ The Rio, 8pm.

June 17 – Bobby Does Dylan @ Oran Mor, 8pm.

June 20 – Standing in The Shadows of Motown @ Inn Deep, 2pm-midnight.

June 22 – La Clinik Du Dr. Poembak: ABelgianFanfare @ 1pm Botanic Gardens, 3pm Kelvingrove Art Gallery steps, 6pm Ashton Lane .

June 25 – Strathclyde University Folk Ensemble @ Cottiers, 8pm.

June 28 – Esther Sparks & Friends  @ The Rio, 9pm.

Picture of Carol Laula by Cheryl Doyle

Picture of Rab Noakes by PKimage



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