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Five star Tigers swat Devils as they home in on league lead

By on June 6, 2016

Richie Worrall believes it’s going to take a very good team to take Glasgow down at home – after the Tigers raced to another convincing win at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium, writes Bryan Copland.

Ben Barker and Aaron Summers both raced to 13+1 hauls and six of the seven riders were paid for a win as they beat Plymouth Devils 57-35 in the sizzling sunshine.

 It was Barker’s last match for Glasgow as he makes way for the arrival of Rene Bach and prepares himself to join Ipswich.

And he didn’t disappoint – working his way from the back brilliantly in heat 10 to give Tigers fans something to remember him by.

It then fell to Worrall and reserve Danny Ayres to secure the win in heat 12 with their second 5-1 in as many weeks – Barker and Summers repeating that scoreline in the final race to keep their unbeaten run at home going.

Glasgow are currently averaging nearly 57 points a meeting at Ashfield, their best run for many years.

Worrall said: “Somebody is going to be doing really well to come and beat us at home. There might be the odd day where track conditions catch us out – like today where they did early on.

“I wasn’t happy after my first ride – it was quite difficult to ride. But we got it good at the end.

“It’s two in a row now in heat 12. It’s good fun being in the same team as Danny – he’s a nice guy and really likeable. It was good to get the 5-1 when we did.”

The win takes the Tigers into second place and within a point of top club Peterborough – who they visit on Friday during a busy week.

They’re also at Ipswich on Thursday and face Berwick at home next Sunday – all in the Premier League.

Worrall raced with new man Bach at Newcastle in his early days and thinks he’ll prove to be a reliable addition.

He said: “When I started Rene was Newcastle’s No 1. He’s always been around the same average and he’s kept it. I know he’s a good all-rounder and he’s a typical Dane in that his bikes will be really good.

“I know manager Stewart Dickson has been getting quite annoyed with people’s machinery not being up to scratch a few times but I don’t think that’ll be a problem with Rene.”

Tigers scorers: Ben Barker 13+1, Aaron Summers 13+1, Richie Worrall 10, Danny Ayres 7+2, Richard Lawson 6+1, Nike Lunna 5+1, Coty Garcia 3+3.

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