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Dear Green Place: Bricks, Mortar and Beyond

By on March 15, 2016

Eight artists who often take inspiration from the city of Glasgow and its surroundings are exhibiting in Dear Green Place at the Thistle Gallery in Park Road from this weekend.

Peter Nardini, Sheila Fowler, Kristina Dickson, Gail Stirling Robertson, Lilias Conroy, Tom Manley and Michele Cohen will each be exhibiting a wide range of works.

These focus not just on the city but showcase other evocative images that reflect their distinctive styles through the mediums of oils, acrylics, silk, digital photography and mixed media.

PETER NARDINI has a high regard for the American painter Edward Hopper drawn to the drama, simplicity and timelessness of Hopper’s landscapes.

SHEILA FOWLER‘s style is contemporary and her chosen scenes are depicted with the emphasis on realism and attention to detail, combined with more abstract brush strokes.

KRISTINA DICKSON is inspired by the streets of Glasgow and the light in and around those streets that made her want to preserve some of those ephemeral moments and streetscapes through her work. Her atmospheric paintings are an emotional response to parts of the city where she lives and works.

GAIL STIRLING ROBERTSON‘s work is often described as quirky or whimsical. Sometimes her manipulation of buildings will be slight and subtle, while on others, physics and structural law are thrown out of the window and imagination reigns.

TOM MANLEY comes from a background of architecture and art and is drawn to eye catching urban fragments, and often overlooked elements of the city. His images often seek to capture the many layers of history that evoke a sense of place.

LILIAS CONROY draws inspiration from her love of historical architecture and environmental light, shapes and colours. She creates her unique pieces working in the unusual ‘Gutta Resist’ technique using pure silk and vibrant dyes to paint quirky buildings and atmospheric landscapes.

MICHELLE COHEN has always enjoyed experimenting and has developed a unique approach to painting on glass using mixed media and multiple layers to give depth and perspective to her work.

LEANNA DAWSON was born and raised in Glasgow’s south side and is mesmerised by the striking views of the city – the patterns and buildings of Glasgow and the dramatic tones and moods of the city she encounters every day.

Dear Green Place runs from Saturday, March 19 until Sunday, April 3.

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