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Beer review: Ghost Town, Cromarty Brewing

By on December 3, 2014

Cromarty are a young Highland brewery that has been in operation since late 2011, writes Blane McConnell of Beers of the World Magazine.

Since rolling out their first casks they have amassed praise from critics and beer lovers alike for their delicious offerings, such as the excellent Rogue Wave pale ale. This brings us to their latest brew: Ghost Town.

Ghost Town is a 5.8% porter and is as black as a deep December night. On the nose, rich, dark roasted malts come to the fore, with some chocolate tones in there, too.

The flavour is surprisingly complex. The flavours present in the aroma are still there, with lovely coffee and sweet dark chocolate notes giving way to a slightly bitter finish. There seems to be some mild hop taste present throughout as well, that adds some unexpected character to the porter.

Overall, Ghost Town is a great example of how a porter should be done. Big flavours and some complex tones make it a delight on the palate, ensuring it should go down well, especially at this time of year.

Enjoying a bottle in front of an open log fire is optional …

* Ghost Town tasting courtesy of Hippo Beers on Queen Margaret Drive.


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